Double-Click for Trouble

Double-Click for Trouble

Eddie McCall is a good kid. He does his homework, picks up around the house, and cooks dinner for his single mom when she has to work late at a Chicago hotel. Then Eddie’s best friend, Whip, shows him a printout from the Internet - a picture of an honest-to-gosh naked woman — and suddenly Eddie can’t seem to think about anything else.

He knows his mom will be upset if she sees the sites he’s visiting. Still, he doesn’t expect her to ship him off to her hometown of Sheldon, Indiana, to live with his great-uncle Peavey for an entire month. Peavey isn’t exactly the father figure thirteen-year-old Eddie’s been looking for. He spits tobacco juice into a can, calls a toilet a “commode,” and certainly doesn’t own a computer.

As it turns out, however, both Peavey McCall and Sheldon, Indiana, hold some very surprising secrets.

Chris Woodworth captures two worlds in this tender and funny look at a boy learning what it really means to be a man.

Awards and Reviews

  • 2009 Finalist Best Book of Indiana for Children's Literature
Woodworth perfectly captures an eighth-grade boy on the cusp of adolescence, struggling with his identity as he learns about himself, his family, and what is really important in relationships.
School Library Journal
Woodworth leavens her simply written story with well-drawn characters and quiet wisdom, making this a good choice for discussion groups. Parents, too, might learn from Eddie's single mother and her determination to assert parental control over her son's use of the Internet.
Kirkus Reviews
Solid storytelling and well-developed characters round out this familiar tale of new insights gained through clean country living and intergenerational relationships.
Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books
Readers will find themselves unable to put Double-Click for Trouble down. . . . Very highly recommended.
Young Adult Books Central

Publisher & Other Information

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux



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Teaching Material

Below is a .zip file with various documents that either myself or other teachers have come up with for use in the classroom. Feel free to use them yourself or modify them to suit your classroom needs.

Teaching Kit for Double-Click for Trouble